About Your Dentist

Alina Lenz, DMD

“Dentistry is the science behind the interactions that take place within the oral cavity and entire body. It not only shows good hygiene, but also conveys the overall health and stability of the patient. Dentistry allows the public to seek comprehensive care on a regular basis and have a peace of mind that your dentist will keep you up-to-date and aware of anything concerning.”

My Mission

Together, with an elite team of professionals, my mission is to create an inviting atmosphere that makes my patients feel welcomed, safe, and comfortable. A place where proper care and great results are delivered. To educate the public on ways to maintain their oral health and be aware of how the mouth and body are all interrelated. I want my team and patients to feel the love and compassion I have, through my work and leadership skills.”


Dr. Lenz attended Miami Dade Honors College and Florida International University Honors College for her undergraduate education, obtaining her Associates in Arts, followed by her Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Biological Sciences, respectively. After taking a couple of years to shadow and work in her field, Dr. Lenz decided that dentistry was the career choice for her. She was accepted into her first choice, the University Of Florida College Of Dentistry (Go Gators!).

Professional Memberships

Dr. Lenz is currently an active member of the Academy of General Dentistry.

Life & Hobbies

Dr. Lenz enjoys cooking up new recipes and watching movies, as well as attending music and art festivals. She regularly participates in outdoor activities and sports, such as running, swimming, Olympic lifting, hiking, skateboarding, and mountain biking. She is passionate about and advocates for a balanced diet and lifestyle. Dr. Lenz has visited three countries, and she wants to continue to explore the world. Traveling allows her to change her perspective, adapt to change, and appreciate more.